Category Issue Symptoms Date Submitted Last Update Status
Network QSS Issue 8/1/2022 8:36 AM 8/1/2022 8:36 AM New
Other Security Certificate Expired Users receive a site is not secure error message. 7/18/2022 7:12 AM 7/19/2022 8:32 AM Resolved
Wireless No Wifi at Valley Crest When disconnected from the hardwire, the wifi will not connect. This is happening on all devices school-wide. 6/8/2022 9:50 AM 7/8/2022 3:12 PM Resolved
Wireless Wifi Outage None of the wifi show up when trying to connect. 6/4/2022 5:32 PM 7/8/2022 3:12 PM Resolved
System Gradebook is going to an error screen when the teachers go to save. When the teachers hit save after entering grades it goes to the yellow screen with all kinds of code. 5/24/2022 11:59 AM 7/8/2022 3:11 PM Resolved
Network cannot access https://gsd-prntsrvr1/printers/ printers 648-MEDC-HPLJ601 and HPLJ602 are not reachable through the server on any computers 5/23/2022 12:03 PM 7/8/2022 3:10 PM Resolved
System QSS QSS currently is not loading giving end users an error when trying to log in. “Error: MainXDS Waiting for Usersecs – EXITING. Wait Time: 180” 5/17/2022 9:40 AM 5/24/2022 12:09 PM Resolved
System MS Teams missing chat icon / history Multiple users are missing the chat icon/functionality within MS Teams. 5/17/2022 8:29 AM 7/8/2022 3:09 PM Resolved
System Frontline is not working, can't access any of the applications I have attempted to access frontline via the portal. I can log into the main applications page, but when I click on any of them it just has the thing spinning at the top and doesn't do anything. I attempted to access the application site via Granite website and I get a server error. 5/9/2022 8:15 AM 5/24/2022 12:08 PM Resolved
Wireless Wi-Fi outage at Howard r driggs 3rd grade class in room 16 cannot use or access Chromebooks. 5/5/2022 1:08 PM 7/8/2022 3:09 PM Resolved
Network No internet connection Internet is not working on teacher computers. 5/5/2022 11:20 AM 7/8/2022 3:08 PM Resolved
Network DNS server outage The DNS servers are down the server specialist are working on the issue. the issue is resolved and is slowly fixing the problem. 2/16/2022 1:33 PM 3/11/2022 8:42 AM Resolved
Network no internet connection Chromebooks indicate no internet connection. 6 out of 22 kids were able to get internet. 2/16/2022 9:17 AM 3/11/2022 8:41 AM Resolved
Network Portal and email listserve down? Listserv emails are not sending and I’m getting reports of people not being able to get into the portal. 1/31/2022 11:07 AM 1/31/2022 12:40 PM Resolved
Network Not able to login to the Portal Users are reporting that they are not able to get into the Portal. It will not allow them to login. It is not everyone and seems at this point to be random in nature. 1/31/2022 11:06 AM 1/31/2022 12:42 PM Resolved
System security certificate expired for the security certificate for appears to have expired - users receive a warning message from their browser that the site is not secure. Depending on their browser settings they can either click through additional warning screens to override the warning and visit the Destiny website, or they cannot override the warning at all and cannot access Destiny. Destiny Discover sites will not load at all because Follett's Destiny Discover servers cannot connect securely to our Destiny servers. 12/27/2021 3:59 PM 1/31/2022 12:43 PM Resolved
System (This has been resolved now) - Granite users unable to log in to Sora and OverDrive When Granite users attempt to log in to Granite's instance of Sora via or the Sora mobile app with their correct AD credentials they are not authenticated and receive an error message of "Something went wrong: An unexpected error has occurred." 12/23/2021 6:18 PM 1/3/2022 1:35 PM Resolved
Network iBoss blocking pages users worth chromebooks get a block page when going to a website. 12/8/2021 2:40 PM 1/31/2022 12:44 PM Resolved
System Student is not able to access the portal either link or through GSD When the link is clicked after few seconds show error message "This site can't be reached." 12/8/2021 12:25 PM 1/31/2022 12:45 PM Resolved
System Math XL and Studysync not working When both the students and the teacher try going into Studysync through the portal, it brings up an error message. When the students and the teacher try going into Math XL, either through the Portal or the website, it gives an error message. 12/7/2021 9:56 AM 12/8/2021 12:34 PM Resolved
Network secondary print server I can’t get to the website and a recently used printer (less than 5 minutes ago) is showing offline 11/18/2021 3:13 PM 11/18/2021 3:57 PM Resolved
System Go Math is saying that the account is inactive and to contact local administrator. 11/15/2021 9:18 AM 11/17/2021 8:39 AM Resolved
Network Printer network not printing People are printing but the printers are not responding. 10/25/2021 12:48 PM 11/17/2021 8:35 AM Resolved
System Portal down? Multiple teachers have reported that they cannot access the portal from home. When trying to login they get a failed login attempt error. 10/16/2021 3:35 PM 11/17/2021 8:34 AM Resolved
System Granite Portal is down Any time to connect display error. 10/15/2021 10:05 AM 10/15/2021 10:33 AM Resolved
Network Print Server Unavailable The print server will not load and all printers on the print server are showing as server offline. 10/7/2021 11:58 AM 10/13/2021 12:08 PM Resolved
System Cannot connect to Google Suite or Canvas When trying to access any item in the Google Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Etc.) the page displays an error as if it's not connected to the internet. Same problem occurs when trying to access Canvas Pages. Gradebook and Portal seem unaffected and connect just fine. 9/29/2021 8:38 AM 10/13/2021 12:02 PM Resolved
Network Internet not connecting Desktops and Chromebooks say they are connected to the internet but will not pull up any websites. 9/29/2021 8:15 AM 10/13/2021 12:02 PM Resolved
Network User is not able to connect with internet User is not able to connect to sites like Google. is not loading. Intranet seems to be working. 9/29/2021 8:14 AM 10/13/2021 12:01 PM Resolved
Network No internet connection for some users Six users on both campuses have reported not having internet connection on their desktop computers. Their connection shows they are connected to graniteschools, and their network cable lights up, but they do not have internet access for Outlook or any web browsers. This seems to be affecting only some users, and only those on networked devices. 9/29/2021 8:12 AM 10/13/2021 12:00 PM Resolved
System Student Gradebook does not load When I click on gradebook from the parent portal or the student portal it goes to a white screen and nothing else loads. When on my phone, tried both connected and not connected to wi-fi) I can access the gradebook site. 9/27/2021 2:35 PM 9/28/2021 9:19 AM Resolved
Network No internet access When trying to access any website users are getting an error that says no internet. Although the issues was report from Granite Connection with the Adult Ed program running their night classes, they tell me they have heard of the same issues at Hunter, Granger, and Cyprus. Skype seems to be working (asking for credentials) but nothing, websites, teams. 9/22/2021 6:37 PM 9/23/2021 12:42 PM Resolved
Network Portal not responding Web page unreachable. 9/19/2021 1:47 PM 9/22/2021 8:45 AM Resolved
Network Skype not able to start. Russ needs assistance opening a case with MS please contact him ASAP Russ can’t start a Skype service so needs to contact MS but does not have the information he needs to do this. 9/18/2021 7:11 PM 9/22/2021 8:46 AM Resolved
Other Chrome cart will not charge bottom row. Bottom row of chromebooks will not charge. 9/8/2021 4:25 PM 9/9/2021 1:17 PM Resolved
System Outlook not logging in When trying to log in to Outlook (or any Microsoft365 product) won't log in. I have tried going through the portal, through the intranet, and from my desktop icon. 9/3/2021 8:56 AM 9/3/2021 11:43 AM Resolved
System Outlook Outlook asks for credentials but wont accept it. 9/3/2021 8:42 AM 9/3/2021 11:43 AM Resolved
Network cannot access google drive cannot access google docs 9/3/2021 8:11 AM 9/3/2021 11:43 AM Resolved
Network Chromebooks not logging in. Chromebooks may not accept passwords, or may fail to connect to the WiFi. 9/3/2021 8:10 AM 9/3/2021 11:43 AM Resolved
System Frontline is not allowing a login, it will time out and request a reload. Multiple users are trying to log into Frontline and it will cause a reload error. 9/3/2021 7:49 AM 9/3/2021 11:44 AM Resolved
System Outlook email is not taking user credentials/ passwords outlook is forcing to put in passwords but not keeping the connection or taking the credential; reported by 4 staff members including myself so far today. 9/3/2021 7:19 AM 9/3/2021 11:44 AM Resolved
Other Security Certificate Expired Users receive a "Connection is not private" error message when trying to access district resources. 9/3/2021 7:03 AM 9/3/2021 11:44 AM Resolved
Other District Log-in page Security Error: Certificate Expired Security Error when logging into email and Big Ideas Math. 9/3/2021 7:02 AM 9/3/2021 11:45 AM Resolved
System Discovery Log in functionality is gone. Eventually after pushing log in the services times out. 9/1/2021 10:12 AM 9/1/2021 11:40 AM Resolved
Network Lan failure network is down on East side of GTI 3rd floor 8/31/2021 1:19 PM 8/31/2021 3:13 PM Resolved
System I don't know my password how do I find it 8/30/2021 1:20 PM 9/1/2021 10:30 AM Resolved