Fee Amounts and Spend Plans - All fees listed on this schedule are subject to the maximum amounts approved by the Board of Education that a school may charge per pupil for participation in the named activity, class, group, or team. Planned expenditures vary by program and school due to the unique needs and specific plans made at each school. Prior to registration, the fee amounts and associated spend plans for each program at each school are reviewed and approved by the principal before being published on this website.

Granite Connection High School School Fee Schedule 2023-24

*If a fee line item on the schedule below contains an amount in the ‘Group Goal’ column, this means that your student will be asked to participate in group fundraising to help raise this combined total for the group/team/program. The amount is not required to be paid by the student or their family, but rather represents a time commitment from your student to help reach the group goal. If the group raises significantly more or less than the amount shown, corresponding adjustments to the out-of-pocket fee may be required.

Performance Group Fees

Sr Youth Symphony Out of Pocket Fee (Per Student) Group Fundraising Goal
2024 Senior Youth Symphony
Fee Spend Plan: Advertising, Assistant Coach/Advisor Stipends, Awards & Group Gifts, Bussing From Weekly Rehearsal To Site , Costumes & Uniforms, Custodial, Security, Stagecrew, & Supervision, Day Camp, Field Trips, Presentors/Guest Speakers, Printing, Student Food, Technology Supplies, Transportation
Summer Sr Youth Symphony Out of Pocket Fee (Per Student) Group Fundraising Goal
Summer Granite Senior Youth Symphony
Fee Spend Plan: Costumes & Uniforms, Credit Card Fee, Field Trips, Hourly Teachers, Printing, Student Food, Student Materials, Supplies, Transportation

Class Fees Per Semester Course unless otherwise noted

Driver Education Out of Pocket Fee (Per Student) Group Fundraising Goal
Driver Education
Fee Spend Plan: Equipment Or Facility Enhancements, Hourly Teacher Salaries, Instructional Equipment Maintenance & Repair, Risk Insurance Premiums, Technology Supplies